KETO Everything Made Simple

KETO Everything Made Simple

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If you have read Keto 101 and still don't quite understand šŸ¤”, this is the guide for you. Just want someone to lay all the information you need in your hands, this is the guide for you.

This step-by-stepĀ guide includes breakdowns of Macros, simple Keto explanations, foods to eat and foods to avoid.

This guide also offers options for cutting carbs, a how-to for transitioning into a ketogenic lifestyle, a sample menu, and tips for motivation.

Buying the guide also gets you my personal email (counseling) for any questions you may have.Ā 

* There is no need to buy both guides. This guide contains all of the information in the How to Get Started Guide. It contains additional breakdowns and tips.

* This is a pdf download and is delivered immediately via email and link after purchase (so please put the correct email)

* This is simply based off my experience with and knowledge of the Ketogenic Diet - results are notĀ guaranteed

Please do not copy or share these documents or files. All files are for personal use only, and all copyrights remain with Glutton.To.Gorgeous