Keto Counseling

Confused at where to begin?

When I first started on my keto journey I  was messaging and emailing all of the gurus. NO ONE MESSAGED BACK! Or if they did actually get back they to me, they wanted to charge crazy prices. There was so much information out there, I just wanted someone to sit with me and just give me a little guidance. After successfully losing weight on my own, I wanted to help others avoid my pitfalls and the mistakes I made. I created the How To Get Started to help people avoid my downfalls and stumbles. 

If you are looking for additional help, consider buying me an Avocado, here* or here. Included is the HOW TO START THE KETO DIET GUIDE. No crazy prices or schemes - I literally trade knowledge for Avocados.

If you read What is Keto? and Macros, but still don't quite understand and would like a bit more help, check out the Keto Everything Made Simple Guide.

Buying me an avocado (counseling) gets you the How To Get Started Guide. Buying the How To Get Started Guide gets you my personal email (counseling). 


* This is a pdf download and is delivered immediately via email and link after purchase (so please put the correct email)

* This is simply based off my experience with and knowledge of the Ketogenic Diet.