Keto Beginners Products


My Amazon list for Beginning Keto!

Do you need to buy anything to start the Keto diet, absolutely not. Will buying the things on this list make your Keto journey a little easier, ABSOLUTELY! The Keto Flu is REAL y'all.

I hoped in the beginning to find a product list to make my transition a bit easier, but after many exhausting searches, I came up with nothing. No one I followed sat down and created a list of products for Keto Beginners, so HERE IT IS! These were just a few products I used along the way.

This beginner guide includes:

Weight scale (with measuring tape), Food scale, How to Keto book, Ketone test strips, Magnesium/potassium and electrolytes (to help avoid the dreaded Keto Flu), and a few products to help you get the added healthy fats into your diet. 


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Make sure you have your basics down:

Keto 101