What is KETO?

Keto for Dummies - That was my google search after reading several articles on how to start the Keto diet. It seemed too complicated and over explained, so I was in search of a short and sweet article to get me started. Thinking this diet is crazy and too good to be true. My first week I dove in with very little research, I literally only ate pulled pork (with extra BBQ sauce) and bacon. I was once a dummy too. Totally confused about the Keto diet’s concept. If you’ve read related keto diet for dummies articles, this is an additional enlightenment for you. If this is your first time hearing or reading about it, this Keto diet for dummies is your Basics of Keto guide.

The word “Keto” is just the nickname of Ketogenic and Ketosis.
It is a type of LCHF (Low-Carb, High-Fat) diet. It’s OK! No need to be confused with the abbreviation, they’re just letters (I included the whole Keto acronym list)

The Keto diet is essentially a very low carb, moderate protein, and high fat diet that allows the body to fuel itself without the use of sugar or high levels of carbs.

It means we are intentionally reducing our carb intake, eating a medium amount of proteins and loading up on foods that are high in fats. You’ll lose weight in the process. Now, did I get you attention.

With careful tracking, creative meals, and self control, this diet can lead to weight loss, lower blood sugar, regulated insulin levels and less hunger and controlled cravings for sugars and carbs.

Before I started Keto I was eating a very high carb diet: pizza, pasta, pastries, and anything processed.

Because of this, my body would take these carbs and turn them into glucose (sugar) to power itself.

Now that I’ve cut all that out, my metabolism uses fat instead.

Typically a ketogenic diet restricts carbs between 0-50 grams per day. I started with a goal of under 30 carbs per day to help stick to healthier foods and reduce my cravings. If you want to know more about carb levels and related aspects of a ketogenic diet, click Macros. If you still don't quite understand and would like a bit more help, check out the Keto Everything Made Simple Guide.

If you’re interested in going keto full-time, be sure to consult your doctor. I am a medical professional, but I am not a doctor, so I do not offer any medical advice.